Episode 34

Shimon Refaeli hosts Ambassador David Friedman | Episode #34

In this episode, Shimon Rafaeli hosted one of the most pro-Israel American ambassadors in the history of Israel-United States relations; David Friedman.

In the episode we asked about the source of his support for the State of Israel, and about the great support of American society in Israel. We asked if the relations between the countries will change following the rise of the progressives?

We discussed the future of Israel following the new coalition in Israel.

And we asked what Israel can learn from the US and what the US can learn from Israel?

We have summarized the lessons that can be learned from the Abrahamic agreements.

And we talked about the double loyalty that Jews face around the world.

We ask "What is the most prominent challenge facing the Jewish people today?"

And a final question that we ask every guest on the podcast; What symbolizes Judaism the most to you?

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